Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Girl Time


My Seestor's birthday is today. 
Happy Birthday Lisa! 

This weekend, she came over with the girls for Jacob's birthday party and spent the night.  
The kids LOVE to be around each other, but they can get really crazy.  
So, she decided to cash in the gift we got her for Christmas, a few hours of dropping the kids off at Kidz Depot and we decided to take eachother out for birthday dinner.  Her birthday is today, the 29th of April, and mine is in 2 days, May 1st. 
The kids were crazy, so it ended up being Annie and Jake staying here with Eric, and Chris, Sam, and Charlie went to Kidz Depot, aka Adventureland if you ask the girls, while we went to lunch.  
We got in the car after dropping them off and I hadn't realize how noisy the last 24 hours had been.  
 We just sat there for a moment or two, enjoying the quiet.  We decided to hit up Tegry Bistro, a really good sushi place Right around the corner, but when we got there, we were a smidge early, (who doesn't open until 12 on a Saturday?) so we killed a bit of time at goodwill.  Shopping without kids = quality girl time.  I found some more saucers in my Gold Butterfly pattern. It's not exactly vintage pyrex, but corning/corelle, and for $1.25, it looks close enough.
Anyway, after our spending spree, we went back and took care of all of our sushi problems.  I learned I love mackeral, that salty goodness makes me smile, and that we've been watching too much Top Chef, we judge and critique everything.  And I promised not to try uni (sea urchin) without her.  We tried, but they were out.

Nothing says beauty like fresh sushi. We may have gone overboard, but Eric was thrilled with the leftovers.  They didn't last at all.