Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Jacob!


1 year ago, I was miserable, I couldn't breath, I couldn't walk. I felt horrible.  
It really was the best of times and the worst of times. 

 Because at 3:25 all that changed.  Jacob Ezekiel James Willman came into the world, and the whole dynamic of our family changed.  And he brought strength and joy, for he was a miracle.  I spent more than half of his pregnancy terrified and sick, and praying that he would be born healthy.  And he was.  And this first anniversary celebration of his birth was extra special for me as he is our last baby.

He has been making me smile by just looking at me for the last year. 

My sweetboy had a wonderful day.  
I dressed him up in the last one of his special month onesies from my friend Juli, saying 12 months, and we did a bitty photo session.  But of course, he didn't really want to sit still during that.  But that was ok. 
He also had a shirt in his closet that used to belong to Sam that said I'm the Birthday Boy!  So he sported that over the onesie.  Fridays are one of our busy days, we had Kindermusik class, during which everyone sang to him.  Then we kidnapped Daddy for lunch and ate at Panera, because clearly bread is not only Jacob's favorite but one of mine.  Then we went home and prepared for the party.  

One of Jacob's presents we decided to get him was a pool. I thought the boys would love to have one for this summer, but it turns out it's hard to find them in April.  And it's way too early in the season for a sweetboy to actually swim. I found one at Kmart.  So I got the idea to fill it with balloons, but they didn't hold the sides up very well.  Didn't matter, the kids thought it was wonderful. 

We opened presents, but Jake didn't care about that as much as his brothers did.  
The part we were all excited about was the cake.  
Walmart gave Jake a free smash cake, and he was pretty excited about being allowed to actually touch it. 

But it turns out he doesn't like being messy very much at all. 

He didn't eat much cake, but we could tell Exactly when the sugar that he did eat kicked in.
I tried feeding him bites with a fork, and he took the fork from me, and went all Braveheart with it, trying to show us how he wanted his "FREEDOM!"   His Godmother used blue icing to paint warpaint on his face. 

He was not amused.  
But it was very amusing to all of us.

It went as a First Birthday should. 
A boy covered in icing, exhausted and mad, plopped in a bathtub.  

Really, this party is a party for the grownups, a congratulations for surviving the last year.  
In my case, it has been a good year and a half.  
And I couldn't be happier about it.  
Now we are on to the next phase...


Elizabeth said...

Happy birthday, Jacob! You got some wonderful pictures of his smile, Cathy!