Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Off to go shopping now


Today was the first time in quite a while I'd been able to run up to Costco.  First there was Spring Break, and there was no way I was doing a big shopping trip with all the yahoos, or really, any more than 1.  Then we had to wait until payday.  So it had been almost a month since I'd been to Costco. So I called my sister and we met up at Costco.  And Jacob was the star shopper. He did amazingly well, he didn't lose his mind until the end, and frankly, by that time, I was hungry and exhausted too.  Lisa and I rocked the place moving a shelf rack AND a bag of salt.  Frankly, we're Awesome.  My back was really sore afterwards, but since I lifted with legs and stretched and rested, today I was functional, amazingly so.  
After our epic Costco trip, we crossed the street to Bagger Dave's for a Hot Mess and a Train Wreck, no that's not us, but it could've been, those were our sandwiches. ;)   
Eric was working on the north side, so he met up with us for lunch.  

But the bestest part was when Aunt Lisa gave her dill pickle to Jacob. 
And he ate it. 
Well, he nibbled at it, and licked it anyway. 
And we learned he can make 40 different expressions with his eyebrows in 10 seconds. 


Elizabeth said...

So cute! Michael liked pickles when he was teething. Gabriel thought we were trying to poison him. :)