Monday, April 28, 2014

Heart attacks


Thursday was a quiet day for us.  The only thing we had going in the morning was Sam's Kindermusik class, which went well.  So well, in fact, that when we got home, Sam wanted to eat lunch in front of the tv.  So we turned on The Emperor's New Groove and had some lunch.  Jake was padding around the living room, scooting into the hall.  He really adores playing in the music room.  So I don't chase him down if I hear him having a good time.  I just need to worry if it gets silent.  He was playing with the drumsticks in the front hall last I saw, as Sam and I were eating.  Can you see where this is going?   Yes, I'm a horrible parent.

The next thing I know I hear the basement gate open, and thump thump thump cry, as Jake goes flying down the stairs.  I have a heart attack, send my lunch flying, and go racing down the stairs after him.  I arrive and he's crying, mad.  I pick him up and hug him, he immediately calms down, I test him, squeezing to see if anything is broken, but he starts to smile at me.  Oh yeah, he's fine.  So I bring him back upstairs, just as Princess cleans up the remainder of my lunch.  I plop him on the floor, and put one of the boxes of computer parts from the front hall in front of the gate, so that he won't push it down again.  And commence to watching the rest of the show with Sam.  When suddenly, I hear the telltale scrape of a box being pushed, I'm up and halfway across the the hall when I once again hear the telltale bump bump bump Cry of a boy going down the stairs.   This second time, he cried a little longer.  My heart hadn't stopped racing from the first fall, let alone handling the overdose of adrenaline from a second fall.  We just sat the bottom of the stairs, both crying.  Once again, I pinched at him, checking to see if anything was broken.  Then I brought him back upstairs and put him in the high chair - the equivalent of locking him down, while I moved the heaviest box I could think of, the Game Box out of the game closet and in front of the stairs. 

I am happy to say that when I finally put him down, he was Mad that he couldn't move this box.  Yeah, man, you have to be stronger than me to move this thing, it took me some work.  But I wasn't about to let him tumble down the stairs again.  When my heart finally calmed down, I decided it was naptime for us.  However, when we woke up, Jake was disinclined to stand up and cruise on his own. I got very worried and ran him over to our doctor's office as soon as Chris got home, and after much waiting, to sum up, he was fine.  Just strong willed and giving me another heart attack.  Kids today.   Eric is ordering a new gate.   Having heart attacks is exhausting.