Friday, April 4, 2014

Home Again


Well, we're still home.  Eric's still feeling puny.  But he did feel decent enough to kind of entertain the boys tonight.  I got to take Chris to piano lessons all by myself.  It has been 2 weeks since I went anywhere alone, or at least without Jake.  This was refreshing to not have Jake, and just talk to Chris.  Sam and Jake were still napping when we left.  Apparently, Sam came up to Eric and told him he was playing on the floor and he "rested just a little bit", and he fell asleep, and now he needed to change his pants, because he "sweated".   Um, babe, that's not sweat, that's pee.  

But that's ok.  At least Eric is feeling better.  Good enough to kind of hang out and keep an eye on the yahoos.  We didn't go to Chicago today, or play at the Aquarium, or see my friend's play today.  We hung out at home, and the only time we left was to take Chris to piano.  We'd cancelled the lesson, but rescheduled after finding that we were still going to be home. 

Today's picture is Eric chilling on the floor this evening while Jacob plays with the puke bucket.  He figured out that he can yell into it, and make a great echo sound.  And Sam was just laughing hysterically.  Lots of family time today.  And all the big boys want to do is watch Batman- Brave and Bold and play Mariokart.  

So, picture it, I'm on my way home, on this rainy day, and Chris and I turn into our neighborhood. At the T is a car pulled over, with a lady looking like she's about to drive and drag a dog out her window, and another car pulling away.  She waves for help.  I pull over, and ask.  She apparently found this dog, a German
Shepherd mudball while she was on her way to work.  The dog in question has a collar, but no tags (Oh that reminds me, remind me to get a nametag/phone number for Princess!) and a huge chain dragging along behind her.   It was also slathered in mud.  Just to hold her still got me covered.  Well, this lady was late for work and wanted to take the dog to Westwood, the vet around the corner, but I didn't think they were open past 6, and it was about 6:15.  So I agreed to take her.  It took us a few minutes to get the car open, the trunk cleared out, we moved the stroller into the car, so thankful we recently folded down the middle seat and put Sam in the way back.  We wouldn't have had room if I'd had all three yahoos.   I flagged down a few vehicles, and someone thought she might live down the street.  One teenage girl walked her male chihuahua by, and we chatted.  But no luck, so she walked on, but she was back moments later, and instead of going back to her house, she crossed walked down the middle of the street, her little rat dog setting off the Shepherd, who went flying at him.  I screamed, yelled at the Shepherd, who backed off just long enough for the girl to pick up her dog and get out of reach.  That chain was long.   I'm thankful that Shepherd Dog was obedient, and responded to my yell.  Because that could've gotten real ugly.  As it was the young girl was pretty shaken up.  So told her to go home, and come back around after we'd left.  I packed up Shepherd Dog in the trunk, talked Chris down and off we drove.  He was freaking out about having this "dangerous dog" right behind him.  Puh -Leez.  I started telling Gretchen stories, about the dog we had growing up, who would tolerate me trying to ride her, by simply sitting down so that I'd slide down her back.  He loved hearing how she gave my cat a hug with her giant mouth.  I know that German Shepherds can have a bad repuation, but personally I've never met a bad one.  My Dad's Shepherd Dog gets a little skitchy around the kids, but who wouldn't with all that ruckus that follows us around.  This dog was a sweet thing, too probably had that chain buried in the backyard, and it just gave way with all this rain and mud.  So I went to neighbor #1, following some man's lead, and waved at her through her kitchen window.  Luckily, I've seen this gal, before, so she recognized me.  I asked if she had a shepherd, she said 2 people on her street did.  So I commenced driving to the first house, only at the second one she'd suggested, two people were walking up to the door, one walking a dog, the other a boy.  I honked, hopped out, and asked if they had a shepherd.  The older one pointed to the boy and said, He does.  I had him come over and take a look at the guest in my trunk, and he looked at her, and said, "Samantha!"
Oh good, we found her home.  I used baby wipes to wipe down myself and the car, and told Chris we'd done a good deed, that Jesus wants us to help our neighbors.  He'd been perplexed why I was doing this.  But the only thing I was in a rush for was dinner.  I'm so glad I stopped.  It felt good to be an anonymous good neighbor.  Princess has snuck away a couple times, and I'm so Thankful that she comes back, or gets brought back (by the same gal 3 doors down who has an outdoor dog Prinny loves).  I felt that we were returning the favor. I'm so happy that we found that sweet dog's home.  I love a sweet German Shepherd, makes me miss my old Gretchen so bad.  I probably would have taken this one home with me if I hadn't found her home, and put an APB out on facebook or something.  I think Eric would have objected.  Big time.  Good thing we didn't have to go there.