Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trying to find Tulips


Going to the Zoo on Tuesday with Erica, I was happily surprised that the tulips were blooming.  And you may know that I love to take pictures of the boys every year in front of the tulips, so I had a terrible itch to get them down to the tulip gardens to take their picture.   So as soon as school was out, I threw them into their green shirts, and we drove down to the zoo.  Of course, since Chris went to the Prissy School of getting dressed, even though he's home early (3:30) we didn't get down there until 4:30.  I guess I should have checked first, I thought they were open until 5, but not yet, they are only open until 4 apparently.  For when we got there, all the doors were locked.  Jake fell asleep on the way, I'd had to wake him to get him into the stroller.  He was Mad when I threw him right back in the car.  So, since I was already downtown, and the kids were awake, and dressed cute, I opted to drive to Garfield Park to see if their tulips were blooming.  They Were!

So the boys took off to run around a bit in the Sunken Gardens.  
I had Jake in the backpack because of the stairs, so we were a little more slow going.  
But the tulips were blooming, and they were beautiful.  

The kids were not quite as inclined to do a photo session as I had hoped.  
Especially Jacob. 

This was my best picture of them.   

They have a beautiful archway, that no doubt they perform weddings underneath, so I tried to get all three boys to pose for me.  But the sun was so bright, which is great for light, but not so great for getting the kids to look at me.  And Jake was a hot mess.  He kept staring at his feet.  Or crying at me.  

I couldn't figure out why he was disinclined to walk.  But even face down, they still look pretty sweet. 

I laid down on the grass to get this picture and suddenly it occurred to me.  
Jacob had never played in the grass. 
Now, maybe a smidge last summer and fall, he might have laid down on it for a moment, but most of the time he was in my arms last year, and he certainly had never walked in the grass in shoes.  

So I sat down with him, and he climbed me, cruised on my back, and padded a bit more in the grass.  
That got him smiling a well, as his goofy brothers running around us too. 

He was a little more tolerant of the grass after that. 

One last try at getting a good picture of them.  

Jacob was clapping, and I clapped right along with him, at least he's happy.  

But pretty flowers make me happy.  

And seeing these gorgeous red tulips in bloom made me smile.  
I think this fall, I'm going to plant a bazillion red tulips, like the costco bag of red tulips.  
I think tulips may be becoming my favorite flower.  

All this beauty, how can you not just love spring?!


Elizabeth said...

Jacob has so. Many. Teeth! You got some great pics of the boys