Sunday, April 6, 2014

The End of the Beginning


We started off our Saturday morning, watching more cartoons.  I ran to 'Mixdonald's' (what the girls call McD's) for breakfast and we had a floor picnic.  It was a lot cheaper to do it that way than hit the breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  I thought it was crappy that for as much money as we were paying that there was no Continental breakfast.  So we got McD's, and had a floor picnic with all the kids.  Those poor cleaning ladies, it was biscuits gone wrong by the time we left.  Even Jake was snagging a few bites.  

After breaky, we went down the Bay, we were the only ones in there, Awesome!  
The QC tech was still testing the water, woohoo, that did my heart good to know they're watching it.  

We finally felt like we could trust the big kids to go around the place, without disobeying, and they did well. 
We all did our time in the hot tub.  We limited the kids to 5 minutes; they wished it could have been longer, but there was a sign, no infants or toddlers in the tub, so we just barely let them get in.  And oh my, was that a treat!  It was a treat for the Mamas too.  My lower back felt so good parked right in front of a jet.  Ahh..

Jake hung out with Daddy, we learned he is not a fan of getting splashed, or sprinkled.  I doesn't mind soaking, but he would get mighty snippy if splashing water (from bigger kids) got on him.

There goes Christopher, dashing for the treasure chest flow.  

Time to go.  Jake was done.  He swam hard, and we were tired.  Time to hit the road.  
Coincidently, checkout was 12, so we got all dressed and hit the road.  I had seen a sign on the way up for a restaurant, featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, that I've wanted to try.  All I know is that they made their own root beer.  We looked it up and had rather a serious adventure trying to find it in West Lafayette.  
But we found it!  
We told the staff we were a party of 8 and they said the wait would be 20 minutes.  We were there for at least a half an hour.  The girls lost their minds and decided to cut out early.  I think Lisa's beginning of Spring Break went off gangbusters, and we're definitely ending on a high note. It was a very good time, I could totally do it again!  Maybe not spend the $ for the hotel, but just go up for a watery day trip.   

I forgot to pack socks for Jake, so he's sporting my fingerless gloves instead of socks, because it was rather chilly outside.  Sunny, but chilly.  The little kids were hanging out in the car watching Frozen the whole time, rather brilliant actually.  We asked if they had high chairs, and they don't, so we cut our group to 4, and we got in immediately thereafter.

Once we finally got seated at the Triple XXX family restaurant.  No, it's not all about porn.  Triple XXX is the brand of rootbeer they serve.  After all we put up with to get in here, it better had be really good!

It was good! 

This was my cheeseburger, featured on the show, it had peanut butter on the bottom as a condiment, with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles.  It was Scrumptious!  I was happily surprised that peanut butter on a cheeseburger is really good! 

Eric liked the root beer so much he got himself a root beer float.  
He was the only one of us to make it to dessert, no Silly Sam Sundae for Sam today.  

Then we hit the road and came home.  Jake slept on the way, and the boys finished Frozen.  I came home and Crashed.  I was so tired.  Eric let me take a nap while he played with a rather feisty Jacob.  

You know how most of the time, when you take a much needed nap, you feel better.  
Not on this day.  I woke up with a sore throat, the chills, and achy all over.  

Yup, I'm pretty sure Eric has given me his strep.