Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Do Nothing Day


It had been a long time since I had an all pajama day.  But yesterday was one.  At least, it was a pajama day for Jacob and I.
This is the face of a sweetboy eating yogurt melts for lunch.  

Sam had an incident with water at breakfast time.  So he had to get out of his jammies. 
But Jake and I stayed in ours all day. 
And it was refreshing.  We just chilled out, eating leftovers, I talked to my sister a couple times, because it was her birthday, Sam and I called to sing to her, and she said it made her day.  Maybe Sam is finding his singing voice now too.  

Sam had some energy pent up from just hanging out at home all morning.  
There for a moment I was a bit worried, he was literally standing on his head. 
Thank you gymnastics class!  

Now the boy has no fear.  

I did get him outside for a smidge.  It was supposed to rain, but around lunchtime, the sun was shining, and it was beautiful outside, perfect weather for a garden walk.  

I love this tulip plant.  It was given to me by Aunt Teri while I was in the hospital after having Sam.  

These little guys I planted the fall after we moved in, and they seem to change a little bit every year.   The first year, they had a lot more pink.  Then last year, it was about the last thing I could to go out and snap a couple pictures of flowers before Jacob was to arrive.  The tulips change a little bit each year, but whatever form they are in, I find them lovely.  

I keep leaning more and more towards the feeling that tulips are my favorite spring flower. 

This one had just a smidge of the pink showing with the yellow of the double tulip.

But this one almost looks like a gardenia, you can't see any of the pink.  Ahh...flower genetics.  So Cool! 
And very relaxing.  I find taking pictures of flowers very relaxing.  Though I have been trying some relaxing exercises this week like yoga and tai chi, to help me get my groove back.  Sitting on the ground taking flower pictures is exercise too, right?!