Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When in doubt, take pictures of Flowers and Sweetboys

It's official.  I'm having the c-section tomorrow.  My BP has been really crazy the last few days, and I'm tired of fighting. By this time tomorrow, the baby will be here.  Now it's getting a little scary.  Hope I can sleep tonight.   But I think I'd rather have this fear than the one that's been nagging me for months about how my own health is pooping out.  This weekend was rough, but Monday it was Pretty outside, and for a brief moment in the evening, I felt good enough to go go outside and take some pictures.  

That was Therapeutic for me.   And you know my favorite subjects:  

The last of the daffodils blooming in the front yard - I haven't had the strength to go exploring out back to see if any came back this year, I haven't been able to see any from the house, Eric said he saw some greens pop up, but since neither of us has the energy for yard work, or yard exploring, the backyard remains undiscovered country.  

A special tulip - When Sam was born, Eric's Aunt Teri was in town visiting, and she brought a small pot of pink tulips.  They were lighter pink, but I planted them at the old house right in the garden walk by the front door at the old house.  And when we moved here, I transplanted more than a few things.  Irises (that haven't bloomed yet) and a couple tulips.  This one came back and Bloomed this year.  

Happy Happy Day! 

Yellowish tulips - That first fall we lived here I bought some tulips, I hadn't realized they were doubles.   But this year, they look even more different from last year.   Very cool.  

I love the light yellow, and one of them has just the slightest hint of pink.  

While I was laying in the grass taking pictures of flowers, I had company.  Someone thought I was very funny taking pictures in the grass.  

But then he stood up on the rock, and showed me just how funny he was.  

Silly Sam.