Thursday, March 31, 2011

March in Review

I'm getting better about catching up on my New Year's resolutions.

1. Read the Bible. I have been reading, not exactly caught up to where I should be, but I finished Numbers, Deuteronomy, Judges, and Joshua. When written out that looks like a lot. But I'm still behind, I should be in 1st Samuel. Oh well, making Progress!

2. Go back to choir. Due to illness, both the choir director's and my own mental, the choir took a couple weeks off. But I did make 2 sessions this month. The most recent being last Sunday. I sight read the piece, which was a 2 parter, so I wasn't too alone...and at first the gals seemed glad to have me, for a bit anyway. I have been trying to find the best setup, whether to have Chris join me up in the choir loft...nope that didn't work, or to have sit in front and run up to sing. I tried this last Sunday, I told Chris to put his $1 offering in the plate, and sit and wait for me while I sang...for all of 2 minutes. In the middle of the song, Christopher's head popped up on the other side of the piano, bouncing Up and Down!, as he jumped up and down on the pews, while rows of people around him laughed - Detracted a bit from our somber Lenten piece. I was Fuming. He was looking right at me, smiling and jumping, so All I did was put up 1 finger.
The second the song was done, I came around the piano and found him on a churchmember's lap. I grabbed him and we left, left church, left the building. Left. Didn't even do communion. The smoke coming out of my ears, and my extreme anger at Chris, made for me to leave. I may not be going this week either. Butler is playing, and I may have a brunch date with a visiting Butler friend.

3. Join a Gym - Still only doing the yoga class, and I only did it twice this month. Once we went to a Third Day concert instead, and last night, I was too full from a scrumptious fish dinner, and too tired from boys gone wild.

4. Take a Photography Class- Still making progress here. Last month I did the Joy of Love class free online class and Loved it, so this month, I took her Joy of Luck, a week long class. And I've entered photos into a couple Pioneer Woman photo contests.

My favorites this month:

Snowdrops at the Zoo, we got an appetizer of Spring, so we took advantage of it.

And my Boyz!

5. Get Boys Healthy - More Progress Here too. First Sam, he's easier. We scheduled a Swallow study for him for April. He's now 2! So I'm starting him on some new foods like this week: Greek Yogurt with honey, and he loves it. Starting Peanut Butter next!
Chris is a bit more of a lengthy process. Met with a guy at Riley, in the Austism clinic, and I didn't like him. Just got bad vibes. He seemed to want to box Christopher in with labels of his newest diagnoses: Oppositional Defiant Disorder, ADHD, and Pervasive Development Disorder. Sure he's a hot mess, but is he that much of a hot mess? I don't know. So in an effort to get help somewhere, we met with a wonderful play therapist the following week. She was wonderful. Chris immediately loved her, and her office full of toys. He has major meltdowns every time we leave. The autism guy is very busy, wanting to see us every 2 weeks, but realistically it'll be more like every three of four, and we're trying to give him more of a chance, but planning on Supplementing with the Play therapist. We met a new Developmental Pediatrician last week, and she spent an hour brainstorming ideas, too many for hear, but she wanted to help, and that was wonderful. I left there feeling more Hopeful. We then went back to the Riley guy last week, and I felt better, felt more like he was listening. Chris responded really well to a Volume Thermometer, a piece of paper with 5 colored pictures and faces to describe various volumes of his voice. For example, we want to be with the happy face in yellow, but we talk about how sometimes Chris and Sam both tend to be in the red zone. Yesterday we went to Riley again to meet an ENT and visit an Audiologist. We were thinking he may be a candidate for hearing aids. He wasn't, but he told me today the Audiologist, Miss Monica, kept talking in the green. So cute. It was refreshing that the ENT didn't think hearing aids would work, and didn't think he was a good candidate for surgical removal of tonsils. Hooray! Happy days for doctors who don't want to cut on sweetboys, but who want to help. Help is coming baby!