Saturday, March 26, 2011

Crying Over a Car

It's official. Yesterday Eric got home a little early, and we went over to the Ford dealership and officially signed over the old minivan.

Out with the Old and In with the New.

Here's a little irony for you. See that orange ribbon, it's from when the car was brand spanking new. Now it's 12 years old, pitiful and barely orange. And the way back is out of our garage and back in the trunk. Done. Finished.

We never removed it. This car has been good to us. Faithful, not breaking down and leaving us alone in the desert. Only a flat tire in Nebraska once. But it brought my Babies home safe, and kept us all safe on many trips, and through many storms.

We salvaged the last bits of 'useful material' from her, the license plate, and gave back that third row bench. And I cried. A lot. Is that weird? Maybe so. But it was a good car for me, and I'm sad that after so many faithful years, it's going to become a small cube of recyclable materials.

Thank you Bonnie Blue Butler. You were a good car.

And yes, saying Goodbye to her made me cry. I Guess I've watched Cars too many times. But the tears just wouldn't stop, right there in the dealership with Eric and the boys watching and asking why I was crying, and why we were saying Goodbye, and Chris very concerned we'd have to give up the new minivan. But no we're hanging on to Gordon "TooBigYou" Hampton for a good while longer. He's got big shoes (wheels) to fill.


Heartbroken said...

Omg. I am so happy I ran into this post. I just traded in my car after being with it for 14 years for a brand new Prius and I could not stop crying after I got home because my old car was so good to me. My first car when I started driving. My bf hated seeing me so sad after trading it in, that unfortunately we went back to the dealer and got the trade in back. Crazy right? I like you just couldn't handle thinking about the fact that the car would just be wholesaled out or something and someone else taking ownership over it and messing it up. =/ I couldn't handle it! Thanks for making me feel kind of normal for being so emotional over my car. Except I went to the lengths of actually getting it back. (I'm crazy I know!)