Sunday, March 13, 2011

How you know they're Done

Sam and his cousin Annie can play sweet.

They don't always. But they can...for a minute. Chris too, but if Chris got a toy, he ran over by himself. Sam and Annie would start fighting over the same toys....they aren't inclined to share, with each other or anyone else. Sam particularly. Sometimes I think Chris and Annie are so much alike, but today it was Sam and Annie, cohorts in crime.

Today, we went to visit my sister and my sweet say Goodbye to James who is leaving this week, to cuddle some sweet girls, and to give Lisa Grandpa Jim's old bed frame...a very nice antique that we just aren't going to use. (See?! I can get rid of something) And Sam and Annie Played. Hard. They ran themselves ragged all over her house.

And this is how you know when they're done, when they do this on the table at lunch. I could not take him seriously. But babe, I've been there. Nice soft table.