Friday, March 25, 2011

A Silly Swan Story

Only those of you who know me will really appreciate this story. You know how I love to take pictures of the wildlife that crosses my path, especially on the rare occasion we get some nifty birds or something out on our back pond.

Yesterday as we were leaving to go watch the Game, I was backing out of my driveway and I saw a flash of white on the pond next to my neighbors. Oh. My. Gosh. It was a swan!

I was too excited, so I drove the car a little closer, and got out of the car... you all know all stealthy so as to not scare it away. I snapped a picture. I walked a bit closer and snapped another.

I was so scared I'd scared it away. I've never seen a swan on our pond before. In fact, I didn't think they liked it this far north, bit chilly and all that. But that swan didn't move a muscle. I got back in the car and drove around the pond, hoping to get a little closer. I'm on the hill, trying to be stealthy and not fall in the pond all at the same time.

I got my camera all ready, and walked closer, zooming in with the camera as close as it would let me. His beak was odd, and so was his face....I slowly, quietly, stealthy stepped closer. His feathers were a little funny too. I couldn't place what was odd, so I crept a bit closer.

I was in the neighbors yard, probably about 30 feet away from the bird, 10 feet from the water, when I realized what it was that was striking me so odd. Plastic. The swan was plastic. Those weren't feathers at all, it was molded plastic.

Yeah, I was all stealthy creeping along the pond with the kids in the car waiting on me, so I could take pictures of a Plastic Swan. I was making an idiot out of myself, "Suffering for my art".

You can laugh now. I haven't stopped laughing since. At least I can say I only took two pictures.


Elizabeth said...

That's hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...


I needed a good laugh this morning, thank you!