Monday, March 21, 2011

Joy of Luck, Day 5

Tough one today.

When, in your life, do you believe that your life became filled with luck, blessings and joy?

The obvious answer would be When I became a mother. And yes, that's true. My cup never overflowed like it has since I had Christopher. It's the hardest and best job ever. Ever.

However, my path never would have gone in this direction if not for this place. Butler University. My luck changed the day I joined the band.

Before the band, I was painfully shy. I went off to college, and through massively insane coincidence, which is another story, I ended up trying out for the band...for the flags. I was Terrible. They took pity on me, even offering me Flag Tutoring sessions. Who gets that? That's how sad I was. As a joke, someone I met said, Eh, if it doesn't work out, you read music, we'll put you on the drum line. So onto the drumline I went. And I played cymbals. And I loved it. I came out out of my shell and banged things together. And I made friends. Lifetime friends. What luck brought that about!

And the luck of the band, and the friends brought about by that, brought me my husband.

In evenings, I would walk down here to the carillon in the Butler gardens to focus, just run up and down the stairs, or just sit on a bench and watch the water flow, listen to the sound of the woods. Butler is the most amazing little oasis located and surrounded by downtown Indianapolis, but it doesn't feel like that down in the gardens. It was a place of peace for me. My friends would yell at me for going down after dark, but it helped me. Soon to 'protect me' they joined me. Then just one special friend in particular. My husband. Our relationship blossomed at this place.

And without him, without the band and without this place, becoming the woman I am today, the mother that I am today would not have been possible.


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I love the photos your chose for Joy of Luck. I LOVE the rainbow shot! Just gorgeous!