Thursday, March 24, 2011

Joy of Luck, Day 7

Boy, this last assignment got me thinking. Our Personal Rainbow. "We all have something in our future to look forward to. This may be professional growth, spiritual growth, growth of our children, growth of our family, or whatever else in life that gives you hope. What will your luck bring in your future? What blessings do you look forward to? I like to think of this as your own personal “rainbow.”

What is this for me? For us?

Selling this house...

And moving into this one.

I'm so Done with Waiting. We're 3 1/2 months overdue, could possibly get in trouble with the bank, and I'm so stressed out, and so is Eric, and we're so sick of being stressed out. Frankly, I don't like me right now. If I could be Elvis and leave the building, or just take a vacation to fast forward to summer, when Chris would be done with his surgery and potty trained, and we'd be all moved in, I would.

But as a very wise friend told me last more month. I can do one month. It's only one more month, and we're either going to be In or Out. And we'll know, and the worrying can be done.

On a similar note, Sam and I went on a Garden Walk this week at the new backyard. I had planted some daffodil bulbs in the backyard last fall, thinking that I'd be in our new house, sitting drinking coffee looking out my patio window, watching the flowers bloom in our new yard. Seeing flowers come back in our old yard, kind of has been making me a little crazy. It's good and bad all at the same time. But it was good the other day, when Sam and I found a few of the bulbs were coming up. It's Hope.

Hopeful flowers.

So I won't be seeing them bloom from my breakfast table this year, but next year... This yard is Full of Hope.