Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yup, Spring is Here

Now it just so happens that while I was doing some Serious Organizing today, I found a bag of sunglasses I had bought on clearance last fall in Chris's closet. So I put them in the car early this afternoon. I had to run to the doctor for my new monthly shot, and the boys Could Not Wait to put them on.

Both boys in shades. Oh My.

But Sam with shades and a blue lollipop chin, oh the heartbreaker! Mama Loves lollipop kisses.

And this shot just slays me. He's 'old school and so cool'.

Look at them coloring so sweetly on the driveway with sidewalk chalk. They might Actually get along this year.

Once the driveway got boring, Chris wanted us to make 'a hopscotch', but of course, he said it in a humerous way that doesn't translate to print.

But they were extra adorable playing outside, jumping on the sidewalk together, coloring, and playing so sweet....for 10 minutes anyway. That's enough to get me through the day. :)