Thursday, March 17, 2011

Joy of Luck, Day 1

Our first day in my new class, The Joy of Luck. See the same teacher as the Joy of Love class I took in February. I enjoyed the first one so much, I was thrilled at the opportunity to take this quick one week freebie.

Our focus today was to focus on a Gift. Something we are Lucky to have, or Blessed by. It was supposed to be an inanimate object, that we love, and we were supposed to focus on different angles, but I didn't get something like that.

Instead today, my Gift that I was Blessed with (besides a Butler win in the first round of NCAA, Go Dawgs!) was the Gift of Time. Quality Time with my husband.

He's been gone a lot lately, working full time, and building our dream house for us. He stayed up way late last night, and just decided that this evening, he wanted
The Night Off. And my boys couldn't have been happier.

We took advantage of Members Night, and Daddy met us at the zoo, where they stayed open extra late to meet some new animals, but that's another story. We stayed until the place was empty. And that was so cool. Time at the zoo, stopped for us. It was some Great Quality Time for me and my boys. The zoo people let us shut them down, and as we were leaving, we felt like the only people in the world.

On the other hand, the zoo had something I didn't. Blooming Flowers.

I love spring, one of my favorite times in the world is when the bulbs start popping up. Their Snowdrops were blooming.

So, since we weren't in a great hurry, and got to experience these bonus blooms which were quite the happy gift for me, I took a moment to try snapping pictures of them at different angles.

Getting closer.

On the ground. And contorting the camera into ways I just don't bend.

And I got Lucky. These turned out really great.

Another Great Gift!


Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a great evening! And those pictures are beautiful! They definitely get me in the mood for spring! :)