Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suffering for our Home

My poor sweet wonderful husband. We're 3 months behind on the House. Doing HVAC himself has proven an unwise decision. But he finished at the beginning of February and has been running all the wire and cable since, not a quick process either, but it seems to a. a bit more fun, b. progressing faster than HVAC.

Eric took a four day weekend to work on the house. We didn't see much of him, and I'm getting so tired of it. He blows in just brief enough for the kids to get all worked up and they spend the rest of the day or night screaming for Daddy. Well, you know what? I miss him too! I will say, we got some Quality Time when he joined us for church on Sunday morning. He's been missing out on God, and that's no good especially when we need him Most. Now he's hurting, sore and sleep deprived, and frustrated. This morning, we popped by briefly to see how much progress he had made.

I was thoroughly impressed.

That big honking gray trilogy of wire is what the electrician is wiring and putting in a box...everything else is Eric's. He's put in a rainbow of pretty wiring...green, yellow, purple...downright festive for Mardi Gras!

Sam got a big kick out of these bouquets of pretty wire. Don't worry, they aren't lit up yet, he couldn't hurt himself.

Sam is very intrigued by the new ladder Eric, Mike and Dad put up this weekend, one of those fold up kind that will hide in the ceiling. Very fun.

But Sneaky Sam made it up 3 steps in a heartbeat. He's not afraid of anything, let alone heights. Not me. Height terrifies me. I like glass elevators, but freak out for about 10 seconds during airplane takeoff, and HATE escalators, see through stairs, and ladders. And yet. Who's the nutbar that decides to climb the ladder to see up into the attic before we put walls up? Yes, that would be me. My shoes.

And then My Breath taken away at the site of this awesome space. This side looks over the master suite on the garage side of the house.

This is the area over the kids rooms. Really gorgeous. Dad and Eric had put a bit of subfloor down, just enough to balance ladders so Eric could mount the lighting fixtures. But not enough to give me confidence to walk without getting majorly nauseated.

But what a view of Sweetboys and Windows!

Meanwhile while we were there, Eric pointed out that we have 3 broken windows. Really? The dining room one cracked last month, or at least we think it happened in the extreme cold. But Eric found two windows that have been shot with bebe guns. See out the arched picture window, see the dark spot in the middle of the street - Bullet hole. See the light spot in the middle of the wooden porch crossbeam - another Bullet hole.

And one in the side of the garage window. This is how our neighbors treat us? Nice. First we get bashed in a mean old man's editorial paper, and now they are shooting our house. Then tonight I got told off by one of Eric's bell choir members because I didn't tell her Eric was cancelling bell choir.

Couple of bad apples are trying really hard to spoil our orchard.
It's enough to make me want to pick up our house and move it somewhere outside of Brownsburg. But Eric is a better man than I, God Bless Him.


Andrea said...

Amy was just telling me about the evil man from the newspaper - absolutely ridiculous. BTW, you should really report the BB gun holes to the police.