Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Zoo Trip of the Season!

Today we got a pair of surprises...After the Butler game, we decided to catch the member's only night at the Zoo, and Daddy decided to take the Night Off. He's tired from working at the house, but he can always squeeze in an hour of snuggles with Sweetboys. So he met us at the zoo.

1. The boys were so happy to see their Daddy.

2. Officially the new bat exhibit opens tomorrow...but awesomely cool members like us got a sneak peak tonight. This is the Flying Fox, he didn't feel very social.

3. And these fellas are the Straw Colored Fruit bats. Chris wasn't much a of a fan, much preferring Batman to Bats. And a couple of them were waking up, even got moving over to the fruit dish for a little snack. Here you can see one bending into the clear plastic fruit dish and another one on the move. Wish I'd brought my Zoom lens, oh well, maybe next time.

4. And this lovely lady is the zoo's newest permanent member, a female African Warthog.

5. The boys thought the warthog was so ugly she was cool.

6. And the last new members, the Crested Porcupine. I just wanted to cuddle them like a bunny.

7. They have two porcupines: Peter and Piper. Not sure which is which, but I'm guessing this is the girl, she couldn't stay away from Chris. Look at that little bunny nose!

8. Sam checks out the porcupine quills, waving in the wind like feathers...but pokier.

9. As they shut the place down around us, the kids played ever so briefly at the playground. Sam loved the slide. He's so cool.

10. You know it's a special day when Daddy lets the kids play on the slide before we leave...mommy would never let that happen.

But it was a special evening, and a very special trip. Our first zoo trip this spring. I'm so excited. The boys are going to love hitting the zoo this year, probably even more than last year!