Friday, March 18, 2011

Starbucks Days

Surely I'm not the only one to prefer a lovely green beverage on St. Patrick's Day. For me it was trying a Green Tea frappuccino.

I hadn't tried one before and turns out it is Not my favorite, but it was Perfect for a Green Day.

Unfortunately, I've been smacked with migraines the last two days. How Rude. Gotta be hormonal in origin as I just got my second shot this week. It's been a long time since I've had these, so much so that I didn't remember them being a side effect of the lupron until I remembered getting them while I was working at the mill, and sitting in my office with the lights off and my sunglasses on.

It started Thursday creeping up the back of my neck, and into my brain. And if I die here in the next couple of days you'll know it was a brain aneurysm and not a migraine. They kind of feel the same right now. It's been coming and going, and fortunately (or unfortunately) if I drink something big from Starbucks, it seems to stave it off for a bit.

We had a house showing today, which involved a lot more activity than curling up in a ball and going back to bed, crying, which is what I really wanted to do. But the sweetboys won't let me.

And apparently we packed up the Exedrine Migraine. Grr...

So I gave myself an ulcer and took a couple tylenol, couple ibuprofen, and chased it with a giant Caramel Macchiato. When we drove through, as you can imagine, Everyone in the car wanted something: Chris - his cocoa, and Sam - his Fafo (water). But what shocked me most of all was they even offered Fina a treat, A Pup Cup.

She was a big fan of the Pup Cup. It was a Cup full of Whipped Cream. She went bonkers and licked it Dry.

And we felt good enough to go back to the zoo to see play outside for a bit. We stayed away from the crowds, somehow just the boys outdoors, with my sunglasses on a really cloudy day was enough for the starbucks and drugs to work for a while...long enough for us to come home and Nap.

Hope this migraine business ends soon, I'm over it.