Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Organized

Last month, our MOPS group had an Organizer come in and talk to us. She had a lot of neat ideas, and I just liked her from the beginning. And she makes House Calls. She's got her own business helping to teach people to organize their homes. I've had lots of people say they want to help me get organized to prep and sell this house while packing for the new one, but no real volunteers if you know what I mean. I didn't really know where to begin. I found out quickly when my sister popped by to help me a few months back, I'm a sentimental mushnik, crying over parting with stuffed animals. I'm sure that doesn't surprise any of you. But when this gal mentioned that sometimes people that have no stake in the 'stuff' can be the most helpful. And this gal sold me. She didn't make fun of me for my stuffed animal crying problem. In fact, she understood. She says, "I don't want to get rid of your stuff, just find a place for it." Brilliant.

Anyway, I had her come out today, and we tackled Chris's room.

I forgot to take a before picture, so I'm just using some of the pics I had floating around from the last couple months..of Chris's room. It was a fine system. If kids sneezed funny, the tower of stuffies came down. And so much Stuff, playing makes it go crazy.

So in a few quick hours, while I won parent of the year for letting Chris watch all the Phineas and Ferb he wanted, we transformed his room.

Now we got rid of a half a bag of trash, a big box of stuff to Goodwill, and a big box for storage of stuff we don't need to have around while we're trying to show the house. But really it wasn't as sad, invasive, or torturous as I thought the process was going to be.

Anyway, be amazed for the moment at the beauty of an organized closet. And sheesh, if I bought and labeled boxes, it could be organizers gone wild in there...but the beauty it doesn't have to be, it's just nice to have space and tidiness on the shelves.

Meanwhile, now there is a lot more space. We moved his bookcase, and put the rocker in it, now he's got a Reading Nook. Who knew there was so much space in his room there could be a 'nook'? This makes me happy.

There were moments I was sad, because really I didn't want to throw away something that was given to Chris out of great love. But really, he doesn't play with it. He never did. Why am I keeping it?

That's going to be a Common Theme, I think.


Elizabeth said...

Looks great!!

Seestor said...

That's awesome, good for you! I'm sorry I didn't keep coming to help you :( Amvets is coming to my house on Monday to pick up our odds/ends - maybe you could call them to do a pick-up at your place? They usually call me about every other month or so to see if I have anything to give - it's a nice reminder to give to charity and it MAKES me scour my house for things I can give. Sometimes I don't have anything (though this time I do), but they keep me on the list and keep calling, which is GREAT at keeping me on task at paring down the unnecessaries - maybe that could work for you too while teaching the boys the power of giving to charity at the same time? Best part? They come to YOU, you just mark the boxes and leave it on the porch and you can donate anything from books to clothes to furniture (especially good for things you can't/don't want to move and load into your car somewhere :) Sound like a commercial don't I? :)

SuperSillyAunt said...

Amvets IS awesome! Also, you can call Goodwill and they will come and pick up big stuff.
And hey! I did offer to help, but I never got a phone call ;o) I totally understand not wanting people you know going through your stuff though :o)Sometimes it is better to do that kind of thing with a stranger. But the offer always stands. I LOVE to organize!

Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

Oh yes, I'm on the call list for Amvets, Salvation Army, and Paralyzed Veterans of Indiana, I think. Whenever they call I say yes. Sometimes I remember to put stuff out, sometimes not. I have a bag going in the garage at all times, of stuff that can go...Eric likes to document our donations, but he hasn't had time for such things. This is going to force us to get serious about getting rid of stuff. And it's going well.
As for the call Amy, I'm still waiting for Chick Fil-A invasion and a MNO with you, obviously you have enough on your plate right now, you don't have time to clean my house.