Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily

I know, I know, I blogged already about Chris's best friend Emily's 5th birthday. But actually, her birthday was Today. And we got really lucky, ok Blessed, to be able to celebrate further with her, and join her family at the mecca for all preschoolers...Chuck E. Cheese.

This visit from the rodent brought great joy to all children.

And now for something Completely Different. We got to follow Chuck E. Cheese like in a game of follow the leader and ended up in the middle of the room, where he put on the radio and the kids got to all dance. Then he threw a bunch of tickets into the air in a little kid ticket free for all. Chris was thrilled about the dancing, but didn't care much about tickets. Yeah!

Look at this Birthday girl, can't believe she's already 5!

Honestly Chris was more thrilled to just ride the rides with Emily.

Love it, my kid loves hypothetical computer generated roller coasters.

Good Times. But man, kids are crazy! Luckily, we really only had to deal with ours today. ;)