Saturday, March 19, 2011

Joy of Luck, Day 3

Today's theme is Lucky Charms...or in our Case...Don't Doubt the juju.

Butler is playing in the NCAA tournament. In case you didn't know...though around here, you'd kind of have to be living under a rock not to know. And we are not.

You have to understand, we are Serious Butler Bulldogs. My husband and I met through the Butler Band...and sat next to each other during year's worth of pep and marching band games. And that was way back before the teams were Good.

The Butler Basketball team made it to the NCAA championship game last year, losing in the last seconds by a single shot. And the same thing was happening tonight. It's enough to give a girl an ulcer.

We have our Superstitions about watching the Butler Games on TV. We got to my best friend Kathleen's house, and watch on her tv. She serves chips and Queso dip.

And last year, I discovered York Peppermint Patty Pieces...which just so happen to be Blue and White. I brought a game to Thursday's viewing...with Queso and Pieces in hand, we won. And again tonight, I had to stop and pick up some more, because the fraction of a bag was just not going to get us through the game. I almost bought two bags, but decided not to, seemed like cursing it. Now I see that was wise.

And as long as I had a steady stream of chocolates going into my mouth the second half, the team was doing well. It was a nailbiter, close down to the very last tenths of a second...and I kept the chocolate going. Every Time Out going for another refill, or sending Eric.

Oh, I feel like I'm going to puke. Or get that ulcer.

May have to book that endoscopy for after the championships are over.