Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Pitiful Pooch


I told you about Fina, how she's dying and stuff. This week has been a rougher week for her. Her paw is getting uglier, and oozier, so today I tried putting a sock on her. She was Pitiful. She's starting to lose significant weight, and muscle tone. She's on a huge cocktail of drugs. I just didn't think I'd told you about her cocktail. Twice a day she gets: Zyrtec, an antihistamine, because the tumors ooze hystamine, Prednisone, a steroid, to make her feel better, and reduce swelling, and Keflex, an antibiotic, because on one of her feet, it's raw, fetid, terribly ugly and painful to look at,and when she's not on it, she gets smelly, which will probably result in sepsis sooner or later. Today we upped the anty to giving her the narcotic Tramadol three times a day, because she was extra antsy following us Everywhere, and starting to nibble on her foot. I've started wrapping the drugs in cheese...which she adores. You'd think we never fed her. But cocktail makes her hungry. Now she's hovering around the table every time we eat. And talking smack to us when we don't feed her the leftovers the minute dinner is done. God forbid we actually sit around the table and talk for a while. She loses it. I suppose being hungry and annoying is better than acting all sickly and pitiful. We figure the day she stops eating entirely, that will be her sign. And this is not that day.