Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beginning Lent

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday. And the start of Lent.

And my husband and I didn't go to church...well, ok, we sort of did. We went up to Northview Christian Church up in Carmel, one of those giant SuperTargets of a church. This one had a book/music/coffee shop right off their Narthex. I use the term Narthex loosely because it was big enough to be a gym. And the inside was as big as the Murat Shrine. We sat in the second balony...three rows from the top. And it was Awesome!
It was like being in a theatre...the only clue that it was a church was that there was a sculpture on the wall, that had nothing but small blank slivers in a cross shape. I guess I'm pretty traditional with my worship, like my churches with some stained glass, and there was none to be found. No bibles either. The only clue I had was at the beginning of the aisle were donation envelopes and pencils.
Otherwise it was just like any theatre.

And we saw Third Day! With Tenth Avenue North and Trevor Morgan.

Somebody posted a video already. So cool.

I wish I'd brought my camera and supplies because he said we could take all the pictures and video we want...anything that will get their music and their Message of Christ out to more people. AWESOME!!

This one from Tenth Avenue North gets me crying every other time, and it got me last night.

But the Concert was Amazing. This was my second Christian Concert. We saw Jeremy Camp a couple years back when he came to Brownsburg, but there was no room for all the people that came, so they put us in a meeting room with big tvs to watch, so it hardly counts.

This was a rock concert, where my ears were ringing, I was dancing, and clapping, and lifting my hands to Praise the Lord (which is something we stodgy Lutherans rarely do ;) ), and having a wonderful wonderful time.

Which brings me back to the beginning of Lent. We normally go to Ash Wednesday service, and get imposed with ashes. Which I didn't do. I felt like I was playing Hookey. But I wasn't really, we still Worshipped the Lord. Just in a much more fun, and less sad Lenten way. I forget so many Christians don't celebrate lent, or Ash Wednesday, it was kind of weird no one mentioned it last night.
But I had given some thought on giving up something for Lent. Eric and I like to try and give up something, to give up a vice, break a bad habit. I've had a pastor tell us to Take something on, like reading the bible. My mental list of things to give up were: Netflix, Facebook, Starbucks, Fried Foods. But I just haven't been willing to give it all up. I've given up chocolate, red meat, tv, Starbucks, and it's rough, especially right now with our lives being topsy turvy. It's such a high stress time right now, it doesn't feel wise to give up some of these, but I need to rely more on God and Stuff is getting in the way.

It should not be a hard decision. I feel silly that it is. I mean, here kook at all My Lord Sacrificed for me, the least I can do is Sacrifice a little bit for him, and Focus on that, by doing something like getting deeper into his word, and taking care of this body He has given me.

So I decided to give up Fried Foods, and to limit my computer/facebook/tv time to 2 hours a day. Which is harder than you'd think...I can get carried away online when I go to check my facebook and email as soon as the kids go down. So you'll understand if I'm not blogging much the next 6 weeks or so. The fried foods is going to be tricky. I already muffed up yesterday. I fed the kids leftover Chick Fil-A chicken nuggets (we'd gotten for Mardi Gras dinner Tuesday night), microwaved them for the boys. Then Sam didn't want his, so I started finishing them. I was halfway through what was left when I realized what I'd done. Suddenly it tasted like sand. God understands, I'm sure, it's my own limits I'm putting on things. I'm so blessed that he's a loving understanding God, who doesn't care whether I eat chicken nuggets or not, as long as I believe in his Son and love others.

On the other hand, I'm going to use my evenings to getting caught back up in my bible study, and get closer to God, so maybe we'll all be happier about the loss of Screen time. I already ready 3 chapters in Deutoronomy, went to an awesome Christian rock concert and am feeling Closer to God. This is setting up to a Great Lent!


Laura said...

Just found your blog on someone else's page. Your "Ash Wednesday" service may not be typical, but it sounds like it was a very inspiring beginning! I'm giving up television and I feel the same way you do. I think I'm so petty for thinking it will be difficult when I think of what Jesus endured for me. Thanks for your honesty.

Seestor said...

You should give up swearing - make yourself a Swear Jar and put quarters in it every time you swear and then when Lent is over, give the whole #@%!ing jar to the church! :) The boys can help too by finding something to donate when they say bad words (Eric too :)