Friday, August 6, 2010

Pet Da Pooch


As excited as we are to be home to see Daddy, I missed Fina too. Chris asked me yesterday as we were driving to the airport, what we were going to do tomorrow (being today). I proudly said, "Nothing." Nothing? He did not like that idea. Imagine, to give up vacationing in Florida to go home and do nothing. I can see how it would not necesarily be pleasant. So I started listing off things we were going to do, like See Daddy! (My #1) or hang out on our couch, take a shower in my own tub, and Pet the Pooch. When I said, "Pet Da Pooch" just like in Beauty in the Beast, Chris just laughed and laughed.
I am not laughing now, just smiling, because yes, I am petting the pooch, and curling up for nice nap with her.