Friday, August 6, 2010

Last Day of Play


Wednesday we began preparations for our trip home. Bummer.
So we hung out at the trailor park. We did some laundry, Mom and Grandpa ran some errands. The highlight of our day were a couple visits to the pool. Yes, we went Twice!

First we got a nap in before lunch, Chris and Grandma were having Seahorse races, where they rode the swimmy noodles like ponies. Chris was really good at balancing!

We were doing all kinds of horsing around. Someone really enjoyed playing horsey!

Sam loved the new splat balls that Grandma gave him as a pool toy. He loved to squeeze the water out of them. When we learned that he was drinking the water out of them we began playing catch with him. He decided he was done being in the pool, but there were always balls to throw. He'd throw them, and we'd toss them back.

After supper with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, we opted to go for an evening swim. Just happened to get there to watch the sun go down over the ridge beyond the trailor park. Nice View.

Even with the dark clouds coming in, we had plenty of light to swim by. Once again, we broke out the swim noodles. Even Sam got one!

Chris is becoming a much more confident swimmer, especially with his "floaty suit". This time, I got to play pony and turtle.

At last, the sun went down on our trip to Florida. :(

We went home and got to bed earlier than we had all week, the kids were in bed by 8:30...not sleeping of course, but in bed!