Friday, August 6, 2010

Seeing Sea World, Pt 2

Sea World is Awesome! I wanted to write more about our trip on the evening we went, but Chris threw up instead, dehydration we think, but he'd had diarrhea the day before, and still hadn't eaten much, but it became clear we needed to go 'home' and go to bed rather than let Mommy play on the computer.

However, the day got off to a great start. We arrived just after our lunch, some folks were leaving, but we got in just in time to head to Shamu Stadium first thing and see the Shamu show.

It was Hot. Yes, we were crazy to be going during the heat of the day, but we thought the boys would sleep on the drive in, they really didn't. That didn't stop us from having a great time, but it was HOT! Even in the shady pavilion, where there weren't fans, it was hot. But got cooler as the show started, and the splashing began.

Super cool! Thought it was funny that he was doing the jump right in front of the big screen showing his giant leap.

How does something so big flop so Gracefully?

Beautiful. Pretty Face.

After the Shamu Show, we ran into a band. The boys loved these guys as they bounced around on jumpy shows, to a groovy beat. Not sure which they liked more, the bouncy gymnastics, or the band!

Chris told us he wanted to "do the boats". We encountered some pink flamingo paddle boats, Grandma stayed with Sam while Mommy and Boy took to the water. Vests and All!

Chris was bummed his feet couldn't control the paddle pedals, but he did pretty well steering...we didn't hit Anyone!

Mommy wanted to do a smidge of shopping, I love to get 1 piece of jewelry, my trip bawble while on vacation, so I wanted to peruse the pearl diving hut. For $$ (which we didn't do) they would dive down to the bottom of the pool, and pick up an oyster, guaranteed to have a pearl, and then they'd crack into it, showing the pearl within. They sold a lot of nifty pearl jewelry. I got a new pair of pearl stud earrings in silver. Chris LOVED watching the Pearl Divers.

From there we went to the Manta area; there was giant roller coaster called the Manta, which we did NOT ride, but underneath was an aquarium. On the way there we found some nifty ducks. Sam really liked the many different kinds; my favorite of which had a blue beak!

When we got to the aquarium, we were hypnotized by the giant group of stingrays, or Mr. Rays as Chris called them.

And we Found Nemo.

Loved Sea World, and we didn't touch half of it, gotta go back!