Sunday, August 1, 2010

Like Crossing the Street


This was not one of our best days on our trip to Florida. I went to bed late last night, and only got about 3 hours sleep when Sam decided to wake up and scream his head off for a couple hours. Finally after a diaper change, which I didn't really think he needed but I was at my wit's end, he said thank you, (Day Du) and let me put him back to bed, meaning at which point he only whimpered instead of full body screaming. An hour and a half later, Chris woke up Freaking Out, covered in Poo. Much laundry and bathing resulted. We kept saying we were going to go swimming, but Mom and Aunt Teri found productive things to keep them busy around the house.

One of my favorite of which was when Aunt Teri showed Chris her stethoscope, "A Real One" and let him try it on, and listen. He said he could hear. Then they played with the hammer...his reflexes were spot on, if not a little artificially enhanced.

After much poo, and much fighting by Sam in denial of sleep. He didn't want me to put him down. He was either wanting in my lap, or circling around between bites of crackers. We never got Sam dressed for the day. I had wanted to get out to a nature preserve and take some pictures, or a park. But after Chris threw up his dinner, it became clear we were not leaving the house today, not for an evening swim, or anything. All the clothes came off the boys because Chris got pajamified early, and Sam just covered his in pudding. I took Sam on a flower walk around the house, as it began to darken, not for sunset, but because a storm began gathering around us. I got out while the getting was good, and we walked around the house. We didn't make it much more than across the street.

Sun being obscured by clouds across the street.

Chris wanted to watch Wall-E, so we parked him in his freshly made bed with the DVD player, and let him. He even kept some water down. He was happy but drowsy when I went in to put him to bed. His diaper needed changing again, he complained something was hurting his bottoms, and I noticed some redness. But he was screaming and crying and shaking in pain just like the days when I'd change his ostomy bag. It was like the old time, where I'd try to be gentle and have to yell at him to be heard over him. We don't know what it is, but I can't let him swim, and though the plan is to go visit the grandparents again tomorrow, I can't let him near them, since they are so susceptible. He's been so upset today over strange things.
Once he went down again, he was quick to fall asleep, and Mommy was quick to drink some wine.
He just woke up again with another 'burny poo' forcing me to change his diaper, and to torture him again, even though he was half asleep and it's not nearly as much dirt as this morning, it must be hurting him bad. I didn't think we'd have to get back into the old habits that we used to in the old ostomy days, but it's kind of like getting back on a disliked old bicycle.

Time to break out the baby oil and cotton balls.... it's going to be a bumpy night.