Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Broken Ground


I wasn't going to be the one to focus on the house, given the whole thing is Eric's project, but I seem to be the one gathering all the photographic evidence, and yesterday was a HUGE day of progress.
Eric went by first thing to meet with "The Guys" gather information, explain about that one lonely smoldering log etc. They weren't worried about it, saying they'll just throw it with the stumps they were picking up. But that it was going to take a little longer (couple hours more = more $$) but Oh Well, at least we wouldn't a whole day's work because of one smoldering log.
And what a Day! We went by at 11; Chris wanted to make them some lemonade, so we did. I was very impressed; they had removed all the stumps and 'mowed the dirt'.

I took pictures, because I thought it was so cool. Can you see the smoldering stump in the back; it continued to smolder all day long. It wasn't burnt in our bonfire normally, some of the coals had creapt up to it, set it smoldering, and apparently got the inside of the stump really going. I would've gotten closer, but I wasn't wearing good shoewear. ;)

Fast forward the rest of our day: lunch, naps, kids, blah blah blah. And I get a call from Eric who said, have you seen the lot? Not since lunch, I reply, we went by, and I was pretty impressed by the field of dirt. He tells me I should see it now, that a field of dirt is nothing, they dug a big hole. I had no idea how big. But we now have a basement hole.

A Big Pit. And they weren't even done.

This was just the rough dig, our guess is it's about 8 feet deep, they had some twine out and they were measuring to see if they were deep enough. But they were still going to need to put some finishing touches on the pit today. Dang.

I went pretty close to the edge for a picture, but it's Deep. Little scary actually. Am just thankful that neither child had any interest in going all the way to the edge.

Check this out, theay also put some big rocks down for a makeshift driveway! Seeing it makes me giggle. The boys in "Our Driveway". Can't wait for the real one!


Suellen said...

I'm so excited for you guys and this process. I remember my parents building our house when I was in about 3rd grade and my siblings and I had so much fun playing on mountains of dirt and running through an unfinished house! It's gonna be amazing!