Saturday, August 14, 2010

Want to be Startin' Something


An interesting Day yesterday...First we started by having Surveyor friends
come out to the new house site to stake out the lot.

Aside from the physicality of signing our lives away last week, now we're starting up, it's becoming Really Real!

When Eric got home, we hightailed it up to Conner Prairie to see the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra perform Micheal Jackson's Greatest. I know, Micheal Jackson? Whatever, it was Eric's company annual picnic/party thing...catered dinner at Symphony on the Prairie. Not so much Annual as Second Annual. We went last year, when Sam was tiny, everyone wanted to hold him, we were actually able to enjoy the show (last year twas the Beatles). Unfortunately, the only Micheal Jackson music we heard was in the car.

This year, though, Sam still enchanted everyone...but he wanted to walk around, so he was enchanting as he darted around. He was happy as long as he had beads, they were giving away beads, and glowy necklaces, big hits with the kids.

Big Brother thought the rubber tire swing at the playground was Super Awesome, and really didn't want to be bothered with things like Eating or a Concert, or Rain.

The only orchestra we got to hear was ~maybe a violin or clarinet warm up. The guys started to roll in for warmup, but then...

And then the clouds rolled in. When they got on the mike and told us they were delaying, go to your cars, and hide from lightning, very few people moved. We were a couple of them though. Our cargo is too precious to stay outside in lightning (with reports of hail on another side of town) or the possibility of a concert that would start even later. I hear tell the music hour later. But by then we were long gone.

We did get to see the sun put on a pretty show, and have a nice free dinner, and Eric hobnobbed with coworkers, and we were there longer than we were on the road, which in my book is still a successful trip, even without actually hearing the orchestra ;)