Monday, August 30, 2010

Hundred Acres (without Pooh)


Today we checked out a new park, the Hundred Acres at the Art Museum. It's a nifty walk through the woods, sprinkled with modern sculpture. The gravel paths didn't exactly lend themselves to stroller travel, but the elder kids could've cared less.
Chris told me as we drove, that he needed to Run because it "would make him happy."

I think it did.

But packing up, providing for a picnic, took their toll on my spine, now it's late, and I can't think too clearly. Personally, only two things were missing from this nifty park, Picnic tables, and Pooh.

Top Twelve pics (sorry I just couldn't narrow it down. ;) )

1. Friend let friend play basketball. Chris and Emily got a good start running wild around this sculpture that's right in the parking lot!

2. "Look into my eyes. Which one? Both." Yeah, name that movie. There was this nifty slide looking bench thing, but Chris FREAKED OUT when I set him on it, wouldn't let go...for dear life. Barely talked him down.

3. Deep thought Sam. Or Sam checking out Kathleen being silly, while Mommy tries to take a picture of him. Hot Fuss didn't really like being up that high either.

4. Gimme 5. Funky Bones is the name of this skeleton sculpture of wood and fiberglass, but you can't see it's a skeleton until you look down on it. Just the right height for kids to climb on!

5. Bony Brothers. Chris and Sam be sweet after playing around the Funky Bones sculpture.

6. The Boat. This multimedia sculpture was neat. Kind of spooky to listen too, and the kids were Desperate to get in the Guard House, or go out to the boat, but cool.

7. The Pier. This crazy pier, was another sculpture, not sure what it was made of, but not wood, and not steel, and not meant for strollers. But the kids had a neat time walking around on it. They liked looking at the island. Indianapolis Island. It's a sculpture that a couple art students LIVED in this summer, they'll be having other students stay for the next couple summers, and though it looks like they are growing a garden, we saw no inhabitants.

8. Chris on Rock. See, we can make our own Art!

9. Dee! Sam has learned how to say 'cheese' for the camera. Though he sees the camera and yells Dee! But he gives me the sweetest grins.

10. Full Circle. We started our trip by stopping at this sculpture, the first in the park, and discussing how at the summer solstice these rings lined up to make a shadow of just one ring. Everybody sees a little something different. The kids just wanted to play in the weedless field. Eric says it looks like the Stargate is about to beam them up.

11. Picnic Time! You know us, we can't go anywhere without packing a picnic lunch. ;) The weather started out perfect, a gently breeze in the warm air, but it was like 99.9% humidity, gross without rain, and when the sun got us, it started to get downright toasty. But the kids ate in spite of being hot, and then played around a little bit.

12. Last Climb. I tell you, I love this sculpture right by the parking lot. Not only does it remind me of Butler Basketball, being so close to BU, but it's a neat chance for Emily and Chris to run off some pent up energy while we load up the strollers and supplies. They played when we arrived, and they played until we were ready to leave. It's pretty nifty. And they enjoyed the challenges of climbing arches. Too Cute this one.

It's a Neat place, if you get a chance, check it out. Even better if we had an off-road stroller. But we had a good time anyway. My back was a little tweaky again, OK, a lot tweaky, but nothing a little rest won't cure. It was worth it.