Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Racing Cheetahs


Totally Awesome Morning! The weather has cooled down to the mid-80s, making the mornings just Gorgeous. We decided to go to the zoo this morning with friends. We arrived first, and headed back to visit the new-ish Cheetah exhibit. The cheetahs were in rare form. Some say they sleep all the time, but they weren't this morning, they were dashing all over the place, in a playful mood. They do 0-70 in less than 4 seconds, so they weren't quite doing that, but they were just Dashing around the paddock. Got some videos, but we'll see if they translate.

I had chills.

Chris wanted to race the cheetahs, for 50 cents (donation to Cheetah conservation) you can line up and race against a light that goes as fast as a cheetah can. Chris raced. And the cheetahs came right up along side him as he was going. So. Cool.

I was having a fine time cracking out my Zoom lens and taking pictures of the cheetahs, only to find when I got home, all my Zoom pics got severly washed out, not sure what's up with that. Still, the kids got to see the cheetahs Close Up.

I think the cheetahs must think my boys look extra tasty!

There's less than a foot between these big cats and my children. It's kind of scary...awesome scary, good thing the glass is Thick.

Cheetahs are my new favorite mammal at the Zoo, I just love to watch them, moving so Gracefully. I overheard a zoo employee say that the 2 males, 10 years old, used to travel around with Jack Hannah. I believe it, they seem to just stop and Pose for the Mommarazzi.

After cheetahs, we joined Rachel and Nathanael for a ride on the train...Christopher's request. I remember, back in the day, when it didn't used to be such a shady ride; it's so nice now. The boys LOVED it!

The kids played in the gardens. The elder kids just chased each other around and round, rather than doing crazy things like Eating Lunch. I even let Sam down to play about, which he thought was so fun, he kept running back and forth between the bushes, yelling unintelligibly, but he wandered off, and he doesn't respond when called. After that heart attack, he stayed in the stroller.

All the kids, almost smiling and looking at the camera. Not too bad, considering how DONE we/they were.

Me, Rachel, and Amy, not Christopher's best work, but we were all getting tired.

After which we headed home.

Videos Added Later:

Cheetahs Never Prosper

Sam and the Cheetahs.