Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brilliant Friends and the Little Farm


My friend Amy had a rather brilliant idea today. She suggested we run up to Trader's Point Creamery, since all the kids were antsy to get out, but the Moms were disinclined to go far. A bit of a compromise. Brilliant! I was in a Funk. I didn't want to mess with getting ready today, nor did I feel like packing up the kids and doing any extreme driving anywhere. But I resigned to get the kids out of the house, and they needed to run off energy, and TPC isn't far away. Our friend Kathleen wanted to join us, and when I was explaining my Funk, and how the kids were driving me batty. Chris had had a number of Unaffective Timeouts. She had a brilliant idea. What we all need is to get the kids in the car and join up. You won't beat them if we're all together. It was a Genius Theory. Because it's so True. I'm not sure if they just behave better (slightly) around others, or if I just keep a cooler head, but I think we all fare better around others. Or at least, if I'm going to lose it, it's a lot easier to step away for a moment with some other Moms who are willing to keep a quick eye on the crew, while I go to the bathroom for a whole moment. Guess that's one more reason they say it takes a Village to raise a child. The Mom's need the Village just as much as the kids. And I sure have an Amazing Village, a wonderful network of friends and some family. I just have to remember to still go out and get in the Village when I'm feeling Funky.

Anyway, it was a Brilliant Idea, because we weren't there 2 seconds when the kids started Chasing Butterflies. Literally, right through the edge of a field, Chasing Butterflies. Laughing and Chasing, it was like something out of a commercial.

Beautiful Childhood. And all we had to do was stand and watch...and make sure Sam didn't eat rocks, which he did. And make sure no little monsters tackled any other little monsters. ;)

They even managed to find a butterfly or two. Then it became a lesson on how to not pick them up, or hurt them.

We decided to give ourselves a little treat, we packed some lunch for the kids, and we ordered lunch for ourselves. The big kids even got to sit at their own Kiddie Table. Their macaroni and cheese can come "Loaded" with chicken, bacon, asparagus, mushrooms and Good. But it was their chocolate milk, and chocolate ice cream for dessert that turned my Funk around!

After peace through chocolate, we took a bitty walk around the farm to see some of the animals. We found the chickens first, or Rooster, as some youngster was quick to point out. Well, right on, we followed that Rooster around quite a bit.

Even going to check out his Hen hut.

We went up to see a couple cows, but there were chickens in there too, and bird poo on the gate, that Chris stuck his hands in..eww, and Sam was DONE. So we didn't look at the cows too long. But Emily's theory was my favorite: that Brown Cows give us Chocolate milk...because they are brown. They had a few brown cows...YUM...they make some Good Chocolate milk.

Their cottage cheese isn't too bad either. We brought home a leftover bit, which Sam and I duked it out over for supper, while Daddy skipped away for a meeting. Although it started out as a crummy day, the whole day got better after my friends brought me out of my funk, out of my shell, and out of my house to go to the Farm. Thanks Friends!

A Beautiful Day!


Kathleen said...

Wow - after seeing that picture of all of us, I know why our waitress took pity on me and gave me my salad for free! :) Seriously, did I really look that overwhelmed?!? Oy.

Thanks for calling my theory a genius one. I know I yell less often when I am out in public, although I'm pretty sure I yelled at poor little Sarah at one point because her screams were melting my brain. This going out in public with 3 kids thing is going to get easier, right? Right?!? :)