Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grub of the Day


Today was a day for Good Eats!

Eric's newest cousin Christina was telling us about how she makes pancakes Willman-style. Willman Style was a phrase new to us, apparently these were Uncle Dave's pancake invention. But imagine: pancakes, stuffed with chocolate chips, topped with peanut butter AND maple syrup. Sound like a diabetic coma waiting to happen? Maybe. But what a way to go!
Eric joked that these were 'healthy' because they had semi-sweet chips, natural peanut butter, and heart healthy bisquik base. Ha!
But Oh. My. Goodness. We loved them. LOVED THEM! Even the boys ate the chocolate chip pancakes, without the peanut butter. Chris took a full bite with all the trimmings, and said he liked it, but he liked the chocolate chip pancakes better.

Sam liked the chocolate chip pancakes too. Made for great shampoo. But having to put him in the shower after this adventure was much easier than for other misadventures. When I gave him a kiss, he tasted so nice!

Meanwhile, this evening, we celebrated Annie's second birthday with my Dad, who'd been unavailable two weeks ago when we had her over to our place. Any Excuse to party right? Right! So we got more great grub...and Birthday Cake.

Can you say Brain Freeze?


Elizabeth said...

I'm pretty sure we're going to have to try those pancakes in our house sometime!