Thursday, August 26, 2010

Picnic weather


Woohoo! It was finally cool enough to play outside in our yard, cool enough to really enjoy being outside. Yeah, well, I had no car, Eric's died, so we were 'stuck' at home. Ever to make the most of a pickle, my friend Kathleen brought the girls out, and we had a picnic in the front yard. Well, that lasted 10 minutes, as the ants invaded. I've forgotten how much I dislike ants when I picnic on the ground...having no table handy, we moved to chairs in the driveway, but by then the kids were fed. Fed and Happy.

Happy Kids is Good.

Ems had brought her bike, so we hooked up both kids, and set them off riding the sidewalk. Before we were even ready, Chris skinned up his knee really good, and he had some trouble riding. But they were so cute riding back and forth in front of our house.

Dueling Bicyclers...can you hear the banjo music? We had a few Near Misses, but no collisions. Of course, once the kids stopped so as to not run in to each other, they'd (especially Chris) have a bit of trouble getting started again.

Motivated to really enjoy the weather, we attempted a walk around the block. Sam even wanted to walk...riding in strollers must be overrated. He didn't make it far, before I just picked him anyway to keep up with the big kids. They made it about 1/3 of the way and we turned around and came back.

But it was a great day to be outside. Wish this weather would last a while.