Monday, August 16, 2010

The Screaming


The highlight of our day: talking to Aunt Amy, Alexis, and Kaylee in Barcelona on skype. There was lots of Laughter, and that was good. On the other hand, their voices were skipping, and they were hard to understand, but even their skippity laughter was good for our souls. I miss them. Chris just jabbered on and on, wanting to show them his room, and his toys and just on and on. Sam, on the other hand, just screamed. That's our Low. He had been screaming all night long. He only slept when he was on one of us, sitting up, on Daddy he had to be facing outward, he got 2 hours that way, and then he spent a few hours in bed with me, propped up on my arm. I had to be touching him all night long. He's pretty much either screamed or made Chris scream by stealing his toys all day long. This morning, I thought he was hungry while he screamed during our chat with Aunt Amy, but he threw the yogurt back on me, ate some bagel though. We thought his stomach was upset last night, but mylicon doesn't seem to help, and he ate a nice sized lunch of deli chicken and colby cheese. And then naptime was spent similarly, with him screaming every 10 minutes. I don't do very well on less than 3 hours of sleep, and I'm a woman on the Edge.

To quote Chandler, "Sometimes...I can still hear the screaming."