Friday, August 6, 2010

Coming Home


Yesterday we came home from Florida. Bittersweet, really.

We spent most of the morning packing, and doing laundry. I even cleaned up the trailor, even the toilets, and I don't even do my own toilets!

As we were driving away, we drove by an orange grove, right across the street from the Trailor park. I had fully intended to go over there and take some pictures. I didn't get that chance, but I did lean out the window of the car. ;) We thought there weren't any oranges this time of year. But we were wrong. They aren't oranges, they're Greens!

Also intended to catch some time under the lovely trees that were dripping with Spanish Moss. But since they are so plentiful, I saw plenty on the way to the airport. Grandpa took the scenic route escorting us to the airport, which was notsomuch appreciated on the night our of arrival, we were so tired, but was a lovely way to go as we departed.

As you can imagine, we were all quite hot, sweaty, and tired by the time we got on the plane.
At least the kids were in good moods....for a while.
Having Grandma on the flight home was a lot more fun than just Mommy on the way out. Chris was having a great time playing with her neck cushion, which never did make it around her neck, but it was a great toy for Chris!

We knew Sam was tired during the trip, but he would not sleep. Sam altered between extreme sweet giggly boy, checking out the sights, and Fuss. There wasn't much in between.

All in all, even with the fuss, it was still a much more enjoyable flight home than down. Not nearly as many timeouts, tantrums, or explosions of poo. Success!

I didn't take any pictures of our homecoming with Eric. Let's just say it was Great. We were standing on the curb: hot, exhausted, hands numb from luggage lugging, and there he was, coming around the corner, our hero, our Knight in Blue armor! DADDY!
The airport really isn't conducive to great reunions anymore; they yell at you if you daudle too much loading up cars in the pick up zone, no time for silly things like Hugs. Yes, we got yelled at by a security guard on one of those little one man ridey things. But we were all so happy as we pulled away. Sam kept asking Mommy? Mommy Sa Daddy. Like he was telling us it was Daddy, too good to be true. Then he almost started singing Mommy Mommy Daddy. Reminded me of that old tune, "Peanut....Peanut Butter...And Jelly." Just Mommy...Mommy..And Daddy! Together at last!

It was refreshing even to just see our yard when we got home. Chris didn't want to go inside, he immediately noticed our leafless lilies, aka Naked Ladies. Me too!

Happy Flowers made me happier to come home.