Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Indiana Reception


Today was an extra special day. We celebrated the wedding of Eric's cousin Simon to our new cousin Christina. They live in Arizona, and actually got married July 15, in Costa Rica, but for obvious reasons we could not attend. Today they held an Indiana Reception for the extended relatives.

We got to see the Happy Couple!

How often do you get to wear your wedding gown three times? If you have a Costa Rican wedding, an Arizona and Indiana receptions! The reception was great, honestly this was a great way for us to enjoy all the bonuses of a wedding: Fam, Fun, Food, without having to keep the boys quiet during a church service!

Sam's favorite part of the reception were the party favors: Golf Balls! They said "Simon and Christina 'Teed Off' July 15, 2010" I imagine they had ordered quite a few of these, good thing too, because my boys loved them. Sam was hysterical, he'd pick one ball up, say "Uh Oh" and throw it, then go waddling/running after it. He was so adorable!

Simon and Christina had put together a video presentation of the wedding ceremony; a mix of pics and video from Costa Rica, and we all got to watch it while they played it. Chris was most interested in the computers set up to play it. He started getting a bit close, but never made any trouble, as the bride and groom were close by. They thought he was cute.

Well, they were right, the boys were adorable. And on good behavior. They lasted until nearly 4 p.m. with No Naps whatsoever, and the only way I could tell they were done was that they wouldn't stop moving, they just kept climbing, crawling, and chasing golf balls.

They should sleep well tonight!