Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Snort

236/365 Ever hear of the story "Are You My Mother?" Well, it's one of our favorites around here. In it, a Baby Bird gets lost and tries to find the mother he's never seen. He asks everybody: animals, a plane, a boat, finally settling on a giant machine...an excavator, which snorts at him in response to his asking Are You My Mother? Our favorite line: You are NOT my mother! You are a SNORT! Today we took some more pink lemonade to 'The Guys', and to check out the doin's. Not as much obvious progress was made today. But they did break out the lasers and twine to do their own Survey on what/when/where/who so they got the basement base all set up. And they were lining up where to put the buckets for Sump pump. It became pretty clear that we already were taking on water, and it hasn't rained in a month. So Eric opted to upgrade to TWO Sump Pumps. When we popped by, they were getting ready for footers, and they had their big piece of machinery out. The excavator was moving some dirt out, right around 'The Guys'. And we got to see it all in Action.

Tell you what, it makes me nervous to be that close to a big giant swinging piece of machinery with tongs so sharp it can dig out tree stumps and dirt. But 'The Guys' didn't seem afraid at all. Chris and I stood at a respectful distance.

But if you think about it on a kid's book level, it's not as surprising to see that if an Excavator, or Snort, can move a baby bird around, then it must be pretty competent at delicate work. OK. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let Chris go playing on it either. Which is also OK, because Chris loves going around taking pictures of the lot with me. See how cute he is as he points to the Excavator and calls it The Snort.

And while we were there, The Snort, went all kinds of off-road zipping all over the big mounds of dirt. I didn't know something so big could scoot around like that, it spins 360 degrees around. Those hills just don't look like they could support him, they don't support me and Chris, I don't know how it works, but it's pretty darn cool.

Then Eric popped over there this evening, and Poof! The Snort is gone, and we have Footers in place.


Elizabeth said...

The progress on the house in just 2 days is amazing!