Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rock On


We went out to the lot today. We packed up Chris's bike, so he could ride around a bit, while Daddy met with one of "The Guys".

I'm going to LOVE our new neighborhood! It's mornings like this that make it a bit sweeter about having to leave our current home. I love our current neighborhood, lots of sidewalk with many options for taking walks, or riding bikes. Well, turns out the new neighborhood has that too. And I'm going to miss how everyone waves as they drive by...turns out my new neighbors do that too. We had gorgeous cool, yet sunny weather, shady just when we needed shade. It was actually perfect for Sam and I to walk along as we Followed Chris down the street, who did a pretty decent job of staying out of the middle of the street.

This is us heading down the street, Straight for our piles of dirt.

But of course the boys found great joy in playing on the lot too. Sam's favorite game turned out to be picking up the big rocks in the driveway and just Throwing Them. It was cute, even though they were pretty big.

Chris liked the rock throwing too, as well as playing King of the Mountain by hoofing up the tallest mounds of dirt. It's fun to see him getting in to all the construction stuff; he joined the menfolk checking out the "maps" of the new house, and the boys threw driveway rocks, and ran around.

It was Good.