Saturday, July 31, 2010

To The Beach


Mom W. and I took the boys to the beach today. Mom and Aunt Teri ventured outdoors for a bit of yardwork, but the boys and I didn't do much at all around the house, but watch tv and just hang out all day.

So the highlight of our day was driving out to Fort DeSoto to have a little swim and watch the sunset. Chris had a meltdown when we got to the picnic area, he was afraid of the seagulls; he didn't want them to eat his dinner...or him. He clung to us for dear life. But then we walked around Fort DeSoto, used by us in the Spanish American War in 1898. We walked around on top and found a great place for us to hit the beach.

Once we told him we were going to swim at the beach, Chris got very excited. Getting out in the ocean with Grandma was even better!

I just love watching the sun go plop into the sea. And though there were some clouds, it was still just gorgeous.

Once they got over their initial apprehension, the boys loved being out in the water. Me Too!

The boys loved the ocean. They loved watching the waves come in, and Chris loved jumping with them.

The only way we could talk Chris into leaving was when Grandma promised him to let him 'wash' his feet off one last time before we left.

And next time we'll take Daddy. We miss him.


Elizabeth said...

Those are some great pictures Cathy!

Seestor said...

UGH. Are you ever coming home?

Cathy said...

Thursday night.