Friday, July 30, 2010

A Little of the Wildlife


Top 5 wildlife encounters from today.

1. Sandhill Cranes - Right in the front yard next door, picking nits I guess. They seem to love yards. We saw some in Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood on Tuesday morning, but found these guys walking by this morning as we left to go swimming at Cameron's.

2. Black Saddlebag Dragonfly (yeah I looked it up) - This dragonfly was hanging out on the grasses behind the pool. There were a few of them flying about, having a good time.

3. The Wild ChristopherMatthew Fish - Somebody LOVES swimming with this Floaty Swimsuit. And that eyebrow thing reminds me of someone I know. ;)

4. Grandmas Gone Wild - Aunt Teri with Cameron, and Chris and Sam with their Grandma Willman.

5. Weimeraner Stub - Sam was going bonkers for Cavit (Cousin Cathy and Jack's weimeraner) and his tail stub this afternoon. He kept trying to grab it, and giggling. And when the dog would sit down, Sam would just pat his back, but keep eyeing that back end waiting for something to happen. I SO want a weimeraner. They won't let me smuggle him back in my suitcase though.


Rachel said...

WOW! Doesn't he look like Eric???