Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday Thirteen


What Ere Bloomin' in our garden. I got to do a Garden Walk today.

1. Campanula Yeah I had to look it up, I didn't remember this one, but THAT'S why I keep the tags from the container planted in the dirt at the base of obscure plants.

2. Spirea I'm just thankful this year the bees don't seem to have made a nest in it.

3. Celosia I planted these on my garden walk, at my sister's suggestion, she said they like the sun and when they grow up they were So Pretty. I find I agree with her more and more!

4. Magenta Geranium From the pots on the back porch.

5. Fuschia Impatient Chris brought this one home from his Kindermusik class, and I managed to not kill it indoors. We moved it outside (Together!) before our vacation and she still seems to be happy.

6. Fuschia Petunia I Love these New Wave petunias, they are just So Cheery!

7. Clematis Can't go wrong with these, they come back, grow alot, and make mailboxes look so happy.

8. Red Impatient Got a bucket of these on the front porch, to go with one of the flavors of the celosia, but the front porch gets lots of shade. And oh yeah, they're happy too.

9. Stargazer Lily These smell so good, and this year our plant grew taller than Chris!

10. Peace Rose Mrs. Mamaduck built her nest right under this plant, figuring roses would keep out predators, I guess so. But they also bloom purdy too.

11. Marigold Wanted another sunshiney something. My Mom always had these, and I hoped they keep the bunnies away; they did, but we got ducks instead. ;)

12. Black Eyed Susan These happy daisy cousins are strong and hearty, and just starting their summer blooms.

13. Purple Coneflower. My favorite of the day! I got LUCKY, a butterfly landed while I was taking pictures.