Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sailor Jack


Eric's been helping out at our church's VBS this week too. I can't take him seriously.

The kids all love him though. We were walking out of the church tonight, and some strange kids taps him, smiles real big, HEY!!! It's like he's Famous now.

He's trying to be a sailor, who just keeps trying, in spite of not getting it all quite right, and learning more about God in the process. I think part of his character is brought on by extreme exhaustion. Neither child is sleeping through the night...makes for parents feeling... Well, we're all having a lot of fun this week, but getting pretty Punchy.


Kathleen said...

Yeah, I can't take him seriously either! :) Emily was trying to tell me something that Eric did tonight, but I didn't quite understand. She's a bit punchy too - fell asleep in the car 5 minutes before we got home!