Monday, July 5, 2010



We kept pretty busy this weekend. Saturday we were in the Brownsburg 4th of July Parade, and then after naps we went down to friend's for a wingding on Saturday night. We got hot, sunburned and bugbitten, but it was great time. Sunday we went to church, skipping out early to see our friend Kathleen in the band performing in Speedway. More heat and humidity but the band was great. After naps we went to visit Eric's parents for barbecue, fireworks on TV, and the boys even dashed through the sprinkler in the backyard. Sam wasn't a fan, and Chris was apprehensive but kind of warmed up eventually.
After such a busy weekend, we didn't have much cooking today. But my sister and I decided to meet up at the indoor playground; a simple idea really, watch the kids, sit in the A/C. Alas, when we pulled in, the church was closed for the holiday.
So we discussed, and on the spur of the moment, we decided to go to Mulberry Fields, the park with a sprinkler area. Step 1, Brunch. Lisa brought Chick Fil-A! And the kids had a lovely breakfast. Chris loved seeing his Charlie, my niece who turned 2 months old today.

Since we hadn't planned it, we didn't have swimsuits. Lisa had a couple swim diapers. Chris and Annie put them on, and off they went....

The kids played in the sprinklers.

Love Sam playing the part of trashy baby running through the sprinkler in his diaper. Wish he'd wanted to play in the water a bit more. He didn't mind getting gently misted, or dipping feet, but not getting outright wet. He was content to pick up rocks and chase his cousin.

These three look alike. Not just wilting in the shade, but the three of them all make the same faces.

But it was hot. And we were hot. We found some shade, and that made it bearable for a bit, but we had to call it a day. Daddy had been reorganizing the garage, and doing some cutting of cement board for the bathroom. The boys and I came home, napped. When we woke up, I was able to park my car in the garage again! Surprise! Then we had supper, and we were sitting down to watch 1776, when we got a call.

Our friend Emilie had a surprise, her family, also our friends, were in town and wanted to spontaneously meet up at Dairy Queen for ice cream. So we did. A perfect end to the happy holiday weekend.