Friday, July 9, 2010

Theatre Workshop


This week, Chris has been participating in a Theatre day camp through Civic Theatre for Preschoolers called the Fairy Tale Players. Today was their last day and they had a Program of sorts. Chris stole the show! He was so cute, running circles around the other kids, literally. Sometimes it was appropriate, and sometimes not. I wasn't terribly surprised.

First the kids hid in a tent, QUIETLY, while all the parents filed in. Then they all were introduced. Chris last, I couldn't help think they saved the best for last. :)

We learned Actor's instrument is his body, so they invited members of the audience up to join them in the Warmup, so Daddy, Grandma and Sam went up.

They all warmed up their voices a little bit too, doing some repeating of Miss Peggy, speaking like sheep, Ba Baa, Ba Ba Bah.

Ladies and Gentlemen, My Son.

Yeah, I don't know what he was doing here, his greatest Erkle impression?

The kids had done some drawings, to go along with some stories they had read. One story was about their Dreams, and another about their House. They each were invited up to show their picture of one, and to describe it. Initially Chris was quiet, but she said Use your Big Voice...So He Did! He told us his picture was his room with his food.

They did some pretending, and had the audience guessing what they were doing. Chris's helper Miss Amy played Ball with him, while the other kids were were doing all kinds of other forms of play. They were on the playground.

This was where they were pretending to be animals, the zoo. Chris and Miss Amy were playing Monkeys.

Then they Acted out one of their stories, and Chris was 'The Wind'. He needed a little boost to get started when it came time for his one line, "No one says Thank You to me, go ask the River." And then when the focus moved on, he started blowing like the wind...yeah, a bit late. But better late than never, right?

After their performances, each child received a certificate. And here's Chris receiving his. He did a fine job Bowing after all was said and done too...just not quite at the same time as the other kids.

It was very obvious, he loved Playing on stage, and making new friends, and shamefully flirting with all of us in the audience. It was Not Cheap, though, and they have another session open in two weeks. Right this moment, I think we'll wait until next summer when he's more inclined to follow directions to do it again. Unless he asks, unprompted. But he program definitely gets my stamp of approval.

All in all, I would say that Christopher's first theatrical exposure was a success.


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! And what a great way to get him talking and used to "performing" for a large group of people! :)