Monday, July 19, 2010

Grownup Girl Time


God Bless my Mother in Law! She took the boys this morning so I could go to the eye doctor. As if letting me have the peace and quite to peruse a People Magazine wasn't privilege enough, she also let me stay out and play with my friend Colleen. Colleen lives in Dublin, (Ireland not Indiana) but she gets to come home periodically. On a rare occasion, she's able to pencil me into her very busy calendar. It just turned out she had some availability this morning. It's sad, they don't do Coffee in Ireland, tea breaks mostly, so really, I HAVE to help her stock up while she's here. So Mom kept the boys after my appt, so that I could go have a nice Cuppa Cuppa with Colleen. We had grown up girl talk, without the boys. Even though they are often the subject of discussion, how refreshing to just be able to rattle on about girly stuff without interruption. After the last week of insanity this morning was such a refreshing break.

It so happens the nearest Starbucks to the eye doctor just happens to be inside a Target. Oh well, HAD to do a little shopping too. I picked up my third pair of sandals for Sam this summer...we keep losing them, I suspect he keeps throwing them out the car door, and some other Cute sneaks for the boys. I'm super pumped! So I got to do coffee, shoe shopping, and see the Eye doctor, All By Myself. What a Treat!