Saturday, July 3, 2010

From Sea to Shining Sea


Our church did a float (OK, I had nothing to do with it, just this awesome blended family with 4 teenagers!) for the VBS - Vacation Bible School we're having next week. If you saw it and are interested, check out the link. They invited kids from our church to attend the Brownsburg 4th of July Parade, so we went.

Chris and Sam showing off their VBS sailor hats.

Chris gives a patriotic salute from the boat as we get ready to move out.

The parade float starts moving Chris starts waving to his public, and joins the other kids in throwing lollipops. Sam caught candy in the stroller a couple times. Following the float was really great because they had bubbles blowing off the back, the kids loved it, t'was very cool.

I've never done this Parade before..honestly my parade experience (minus DisneyWorld parades, where you see like 3 a day) is pretty sparse. This was my first non-band experience too. Obviously it was the first time Chris and Sam were in a Parade. So to be in a parade in our town where it seems like everywhere I turned I saw someone I recognized, well it's just Awesome.

Awesome to be free to wave at our friends from a float, Awesome to be free enough to advertise our Church, and Super Awesome to be living in a country where I am free to worship as I please.

Praise the Lord, God Bless America!