Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ultimate Swim Day


Top Ten Pictures from today, our last day at Chris and Sam's swim class.

1. First, a historic occasion. The Lifeguard didn't have to get him into Time Out to get him on his back, he fought, but he eventually did it. Given how much he fights us on this, I'm so glad he was good for his teachers. He even went underwater voluntarily too!And they were able to cross it off his list of swim skills!

2. It was Sam's last class today too, and Sam was having a great time jumping in with Daddy.

3. Look at that happy face. He got the toy by "swimming" for it, putting his face into the water and reaching. He wouldn't let go. Though we're still not sure if he isn't just drinking all the water.

4. Daddy got Both Boys on the slide. Chris has only wanted to do the Frog Slide this summer, and today Daddy was able to get both boys on the blue slide together. More swim history being made. :)

5. Chris enjoyed his so much, he went around a couple of times! Look at that Cheese having a great time at Swim Class!

6. After swim class ended at 10:30, we had a bit of time to kill before the place officially opened. We had planned on a picnic lunch with all our friends, and doing some more swimming, with siblings and parents all together. I had to laugh about the boys and these terrycloth shirts. Sam gets cold easily, so after class, he was chilly. I put his on. Normally, I carry them with me, but the kids don't want to wear them. Chris wanted when it was 95 degrees outside, not when it was 75 at the beginning of his swim class. But they looked so cute together. Love this, but it makes me a bit sad, that it's the end of the swim class season for the boys.

7. After eating lunch outside, we were HOT and Ready to get back into the pool. I didn't mind at all submerging totally. Chris thought it would be fun to ride me like a pony. Well, underwater is about the only way my back would take that, so he did, around and around the pool. And what was right for Chris and I, was right for Emily and Mike. Giddy 'up!

8. See where Chris is? He's at the bottom of the waterslide. Yup. He Did It! He told me he wanted to go ride the waterslide, and by the time I got my camera and was returning to take a picture, he was already spurting out the bottom. He didn't like getting shot down into a deeper pool than where we went on vacation, he got wetter this way. He said he had fun, but he didn't do it again. Though all the Mommies and Daddies rode on the Big Waterslide!

10. Sam started to get a little Punchy. Pink Cheeked and Punchy. He was funny when he got tired. He tried to curl up on my chest, even though it was still in the water. Yeah, He didn't even make it home before he was out.

9. Chris catching his very last couple drops of water and rays of sun as we pack up to go home. We had a good time, and everyone was so very tired.

Still Am.